Yahel -Consulting Training and Transforms Women

Yahel – Consulting Training and Transforms Women, is a company for developing and training senior women whose ambition is to change and make a transformation in their lives.

Yahel is active in advancement of women in their position to enable them to accomplish power in Israel and to act and train them in special programmes associated with the University of Bar Ilan to grant fellowships for women and business public companies.

Yahel trains academic women for incumbency Directors in a frame of unique courses for training of directors which combine knowledge and practice and also meetings with public personnel, Ministers, Members of the Knesset and business women. Upon completion of the course, an aid is given to the graduates of how to be nominated to directors in government and public companies.

Yahel believes that women who want to be involved in the public and political lives in key positions must know this centre of power. Therefore, we have established in Yahel forums in several issues such as Education, Welfare, Jobs and Employment that are managed by public and business people who are the leading initiative for advancement of women and that allows women to take an active part in the political, economical and social activities. This is an opportunity for each woman in this course to know closely the government offices, the Ministers, the Knesset members and other social and economical associations and maneuver herself in a way to get to know and create a personal margin.

The combination of learning skills and active social net of exclusive forums are the winning combination of knowledge and practice which leads to a dynamic and effective social involvement.

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In Yahel, we believe that women can bring changes in leadership, economics, education and in all fields in life due to their performance distribution and their self power which combines emotional intelligence and qualified understanding of managing and care of human resources which is an extensive source.The graduates of Yahel are already involved in the public activities as members of Directors, employment and social activities. A number of our graduates will be involved in the political field and will reach also the Knesset of Israel.

Very soon, we will present the “women parliament of Israel” where each Chairman will act in front of each Minister in the Government and will approach the activity together with all the women parliament members.


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